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Mexicraft: An Adventure Brings One-of-a-Kind Products to the Market

20140605_EugeniawSMBowlsIn 2007, Karen Abbott & her business partner, Andres Ortiz decided to start a new venture. They traveled with their friend to the markets of Guadalajara where they found a family of artists, including Juan Marcos Esteban selling their work, and teaching their children the art and craft of lathing, painting, lacquering and selling the beautiful bowls. This adventure brought Mexicraft and the beautiful one-of-a kind bowls to the Old Town Market.

In Mexico, it’s a tradition for families to develop their craft, teach their children the skills of the craft, and to pass the knowledge down from generation to generation. Karen and Andres work with the local artists to create the images we prefer in our kitchens as the artists feature the vibrant colors of their culture. Mexicraft, and Old Town Gift Company feature these beautiful pieces of functional art year round at the Old Town Market!