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Things To Do In San Diego

  • Ghosts & Gravestones San Diego Frightseeing Tour


    In a picturesque city, with miles of sunshine-cloaked coastline and turquoise waters, it may be

    hard to imagine a time when gunslingers, gangsters, gamblers and other nefarious characters

    roamed the streets. But in America’s Finest City, San Diego, there is a mysterious, dark and

    eerie side that yearns to be revealed—and you’ll discover it on the Ghosts &

    Gravestones Tour.

    Board the Trolley of the Doomed and be prepared to take a journey through time where you’ll

    hear the true accounts of some of the city’s most terrifying haunts and most haunted spots.

    You’ll walk through the centuries-old El Campo Cemetery where the spirits of the dead linger

    and have been known to show themselves to unsuspecting visitors. When you arrive at the

    Whaley House grounds, you’ll quickly find out why the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted,

    considers this historic place the most haunted house in the United States.

    Along the way, we’ll transport you to some of the other frightfully eerie spots in San Diego,

    including Pioneer Park, an ordinary park by day…but a totally different place when the sun goes

    down. Paranormal experts say this is when everything changes, when those who haven’t

    crossed over to the other side are looming.

    From the city streets to those places where the inexplicable and unexpected will send shivers

    down your spine, this tour is not for the faint of heart—or children.

    If you’re just a bit curious or you’re a bonafide ghost enthusiast, San Diego’s best ghost hunting

    experience is aboard the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour. It’s ok to be afraid!

    Length of tour: 90 to 105 minutes.
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  • Old Town Trolley Tours®

    San Diego trolley at Balboa Park

    For the most comprehensive and entertaining sightseeing experience in San Diego, hop on

    board the orange and green trolley! Old Town Trolley Tours has been transporting guests to the

    best in the city for over 30 years and provides a fully narrated tour to more than 100 points of

    interest. On the trolley you’ll have the opportunity to hop off and explore any and all of the

    sights along the route, including Balboa Park, Hotel del Coronado, Old Town San Diego, USS Midway Museum, Seaport Village, Little Italy, and much more.

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  • San Diego City Lights Night Tour

    San Diego city skyline at night

    San Diego sparkles at night and what better way to see it than with Old Town Trolley Tours! Experience our San Diego night tour and see the city in a different light. Here’s your chance to enjoy America’s Finest City like you never have before, watching as the city is transformed by buildings, fountains, and statues glowing bright! With the help of our expert guides, you’ll enjoy romantic views of the bay and experience the vibrant nightlife that San Diego has to offer.

    Reservations required.
    Length of tour: 90 minutes.

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  • San Diego SEAL Tours

    San Diego Seals

    A one-of-a-kind way to see the sights on land and from the sea, the San Diego SEAL Tour is a

    must-do while you’re in America’s Finest City. The fun begins the moment your board the

    amphibious vehicle that can go from land to water and back again without missing a beat—and

    making any changes. You’ll find yourself wondering, is it a boat or a bus? And here’s the best

    part, it’s both! It’s a hydra-terra vessel that’s specially designed to safely go from the street to

    the water and transport guests to all the coolest sites around San Diego. This tour takes you

    from the Embarcadero and Seaport Village past all the most popular sights on land before

    splashing down into the San Diego Harbor for more sightseeing. For adults and kids of all ages,

    the San Diego SEAL Tour delivers big time fun on land and in the water!

    Reservations required.
    Length of tour:  Approximately 100 minutes; 40 minutes on land and 60 minutes on the water.

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  • The Whaley House Museum

    The Whaley House at night

    Overwhelmingly praised as the first of its kind and finest home in Southern California, the Whaley House was a central pillar amongst the Old Town community. Besides being the Whaley family home, it functioned as San Diego’s first commercial theater, the county courthouse, and a general store. The legendary Whaley House is widely regarded as one of the most iconic landmarks in San Diego. Spend the day exploring the family home of Thomas Whaley as you’re transported back to life in the 1800s. From its rich Greek Revival architecture style and authentic decor to its mysterious and chilling past, it’s no wonder why this home attracts visitors from all over the world.


    Whaley House Daytime Self-Guided Tour

    Crossover to San Diego’s history by taking a self-guided tour through the prominent Whaley House Museum. Visit the exhibit rooms and enjoy this historical experience through the interior and surrounding grounds of the house.


    Whaley House Evening Guided Tour

    Crossover to the dark side of San Diego history in California’s Oldest Town and let us enchant you with spirited tales of the past. Be part of the historic legacy, mystery and legends of the Whaley Family, and hear of their myths and misconceptions. Approximately 30 to 40-minute guided tour through the historic Whaley House and the surrounding grounds.


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