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  • Abanico Mexicano
    Phone: Norma Flores- 619.757.6878
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    We have genuine handcrafted items from Mexico. There is something for everyone in your life. Also come llok through our Hawaiian and Jamaican sleection of merchandise.

  • Amore Fashions
    Phone: 619.497.0852
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    Women’s contemporary fashions.

  • Amore Leather
    Contact: Monica Horavath
    Phone: 619.972.8196
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    A wide range of leather goods, from hand bags to holsters we have it all.

  • Blanket Supply
    Contact: Julian Flores
    Phone: 619.739.3245

    We have a wide variety of Mexican textiles for men and women. Check out our Mexican funny T-shirts. We also carry a large selection of Mexican wrestling masks for big kids and small kids, be your own Lucha Libre!

  • Bonita Blanket
    Phone: 619.739.3245
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    We have a wide variety of Mexican textiles for men and women. Check out our Mexican funny T-shirts. We also carry a large selection of Mexican wrestling masks for big kids and small kids, be your own Lucha Libre!

  • Celia’s Fashion Dolls
    Contact: Celia Buenrostro
    Phone: 619.206.0152
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    A great selection of dolls including Day of Dead dolls. We also have a large section of quality toys, and various household items handmade from the craftsmen of Mexico.

  • D&O Imports
    Contact: Dennis Theriault
    Phone: 760.580.4311

    One of a kind Vietnamese metal art and souvenirs. Unique items from Asia. Hand made goods from Vietnam.

  • Gourde Art
    Contact: Nicole & Marco Perretta
    Phone: 619.823.6737
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    Peruvian gourde artists have been carving and burning gourds since before the time of the Incas. Gourd art was originally created for storytelling and record keeping. There is an old Peruvian tradition that if you shake a gourd and hear the seeds rattle inside, it will bring you good luck.

  • Hint of Heritage

  • Inka’s Art
    Phone: 619.295.5055
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    Quality goods from all over South America.

  • La Paloma Casual
    Contact: Dave McGuirre & Roberta Bailey
    Phone: 619.260.1078
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    You need look no further than la Paloma Casual for Old Town’s best selection of tee shirts, sweats and hoodies in adult and children’s sizes. Great prices! Great designs! This store also has a big display of San Diego magnets, shot glasses, key chains and more.

  • La Paloma Old Town
    Contact: Dave McGuirre & Roberta Bailey
    Phone: 619.260.1078
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    La Paloma is Old Town’s premiere Market place of the Southwest. This wonderfully colorful and festive store has over 3000 square feet of resort, travel and ladies fashion wear as well as local art and cultural crafts.

  • La Sirena Silver
    Contact: Dave McGuirre & Roberta Bailey
    Phone: 619.997.6130
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    LA Sirena Silver boats the most complete collection of sterling silver and turquoise jewelry in Old Town. Of course there are plenty of other semi precious stones to choose from too. From fashion designer lines, toe rings to ear rings, contemporary to traditional, the store is always fun and always changing.

  • Love My Pet, Old Town Gifts
    Contact: Karen Abbott
    Phone: 619.252.8282
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    LOVE MY PET, offers a variety of pet lover products for the pet enthusiasts at heart. Ranging from t-shirts displaying your favorite dog breed, to mugs, socks, notepad & pens, cookie jars, figurines and more. Love my Pet has something for any dog, cat or horse love.

  • Mexicraft: An Adventure Brings One-of-a-Kind Products to the Market

    20140605_EugeniawSMBowlsIn 2007, Karen Abbott & her business partner, Andres Ortiz decided to start a new venture. They traveled with their friend to the markets of Guadalajara where they found a family of artists, including Juan Marcos Esteban selling their work, and teaching their children the art and craft of lathing, painting, lacquering and selling the beautiful bowls. This adventure brought Mexicraft and the beautiful one-of-a kind bowls to the Old Town Market.

    In Mexico, it’s a tradition for families to develop their craft, teach their children the skills of the craft, and to pass the knowledge down from generation to generation. Karen and Andres work with the local artists to create the images we prefer in our kitchens as the artists feature the vibrant colors of their culture. Mexicraft, and Old Town Gift Company feature these beautiful pieces of functional art year round at the Old Town Market!

  • Native Collections
    Contact: Darlene Rodriguez
    Phone: 619.206.0152

    Enjoy from a wonderful selection of Native and Indigenous items. Unique dreamcatchers and toys for loved ones.

  • Old Town Photo
    Phone: 619.295.12890
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    Old fashions photos with a wide variety of props and costumes.

  • Pueblito Cuetzalan
    Contact: Lilia Flores
    Phone: 619.370.8055
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    Find everything for your fiesta; Sombreros, serape ponchos, maracas, piñatas, Mexican cut out banners (papel picado), candies, hot sauces and margarita glasses. You will get dazzled with our large selection of handmade talavera ceramic for both decorating and serving. Get refreshed with our Mexican drinks, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, jarritos.

  • San Diego Art
    Contact: Elva Godoy
    Phone: 619.462.1698
    Hours: 10am Everyday

    A complete line of sea shells, shell novelties and shell artwork. One of a kind and customized souvenirs for all to enjoy.

  • Santos Cafe
    Contact: Orlando Bonilla
    Phone: 619.507.8083

    A vast selection of coffees and teas. Come see us for a great pick me up and go!

  • Shai Enterprises
    Contact: Shai Immergut
    Phone: 212.380.3457

    Come see us for your Headwear needs. We have hats of all shapes and sizes available. Along with great souvenirs and gifts for friends and family.

  • Shai Enterprises